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What is a Summer share?

A Summer share is a weekly box of veggies from mid-June to mid-October (18 weeks).  Our delivery day is every Wednesday (starting mid-June).  Please see the “pick up sites” page for specific times and places available for pick up.  In addition to the Summer share, we also offer a Fall share, a Thanksgiving share, and several preserving shares.  The pictures below will give you an idea of what a Summer share consists of.  If you would like to purchase a Summer Share (or any other share) please click here to fill out an order form (you can also click here to see pricing information, etc.  You wont be placing an order unless you click the “submit” button).  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call.

One of our super members, Steve Balliette, has been taking photos of our produce for years. Here are pictures of the 18 weekly Summer Share deliveries he received during the 2013 season (Thanks Steve!):

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